Does your pet(s) bring you joy?

August 9, 2012

       This morning while I was reading the online news stories of the day I came across a very touching article and photo. It read, “Photographer captures Tender Moment between Man and his sick dog.” The dog suffers from arthritis which makes it difficult for him to sleep. Thus, his owner provides therapy for his arthritis by taking him out into the warm water and allowing him to fall asleep on his chest. Touching!  What was even more touching was the story his owner gave on how his dog saved his life. He described how after he broke up with is former fiancee, he developed suicidal thoughts and his dog Schoep snapped him out of it.

Having pets not only bring joy, but they also provide health benefits. More than 60 percent of U.S. households include pets, and while almost every pet owner will tell you that their animal companion enriches their life in countless ways, it turns out that pets actually help prolong their lives, too. Countless studies have shown that having pets help to lower our stress levels, decrease blood pressure, benefit our cholesterol, improve our mood, and boost our immunity — in other words, lengthen our life spans!

It brings me so much joy when I go home each day, open my door and my two cats run toward me with excitement. They provide unconditional love and I’m blessed to have each of them.

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